Thursday, April 10, 2008

"I Like Hip Hop Again"- ME

With the re-birth of me liking hip hop (keeping in mind my love for it has never changed...too much) I wanted to post a mp3 I just stumbled across that gets me fired up to break out my Timbs and Enyce gear. Yall who know of the Cella Dwella's know that before they fell off the face of the planet they dropped Cella from their name and released one last album titled, "The Last Shall be First" in 1999. This is a cut feat. Prince Po and Pharaoh Monch. Bump it like the stick up kid you sumthing

Dwella's- Ill Collabo

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Anonymous said...

That is a trip I was just tryin to explain to some Boulder hip hop experts who the Cella Dwella was. What is the name of that song they had the video for... it was for the chicks perfect combination or sumthin like that?