Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Three 4 Free #1

This will be a weekly post I will try my very best to keep updated with. As many blogs/websites do, I will once a week post up some mp3's that I am feeling at the time, are classic, or helpful to fellow record player players. Titled "Three 4 Free" for the fact that it rhymes, and frankly getting me to stay consistent with this is asking a lot (just ask DJ Low Key), and asking me to lace more than three is damn near a miracle. However if its a plush week I'll bless the blogskis with two. So, without further a due "Three 4 Free # Uno"

Thunderkatz - 3 AM (Klever’s So So Death remix)

Santogold- Creator Remix feat. Donnis

Enur Ft Mims & Natasja- Calabria (Rap Version w/ Intro)

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