Thursday, July 24, 2008

Speakeasy Mixtape Vol. 1

WEW! I have to say one thing first...This whole project was a shit ton of work! LOL. But its here! And without a doubt I enjoyed every minute of it.

Ok with that being said, here it is, the first installment of a monthly mix series I will be doing every month for Speakeasy, one of the illest street wear spots here in Denver. Each month however I will have a guest DJ to help me hold it down proper. Every months mix will also be a different genre of bumpski's and will not dissapoint...promise.

And one last note, I personally designed the cover art for this project. Literally, I loaded PS CS3 on my comp yesterday, woke up at 8am started it and just finished it (its 2pm now). Nuff of my egotistical boasting. Enjoy!

Speakeasy Mixtape Vol. 1

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