Thursday, June 25, 2009

Exile + DJ Day @ The Solution

First off, I gotta say Peace to DJ Low Key for working his ass off throughout the year with the Redbull Music Academy so when dope shows come through like Redbull's Big Tune the Solution has first dibbs at working with the acts involved. Second, I wanna give a shout to DJ Vajra and DJ Psycho who had to go head to head in the semi finals last night @ Big Tune. The whole night was filled with free drinks tickets and screaming at the top of your lungs...From what I remember at least. Finally I hope to catch everyone out this Friday for what is guaranteed history. No Cover for this show either.

If your not familiar with how sick Exile is, now you know:

Make sure and take note of the Solution's schedule for July. This Friday is just the beginning of the strongest summer Low Key and I have put together yet.

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DIGGA-BIT said...

sweet vid! always good to see someone rockin the mpc