Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Mixtape: Whygee & SoundsSupreme Present "Hype Killz"

Hype Killz
This is my boy Whygee, Local MC here from Denver. Dude is nice. PEEP!


Lady_Guidry said...

Hey this is Lady_Guidry from myspace! Had 2 pop through 2 day keep doing what u do!!!!

That damn Telephone joint is HOT 4real!

I have not even gotten past that one yet...first time hearing it I added it...even b4 becoming your friend! LOL

What u got poppin is REAL Hop Hoppin

Mucho luv and respect Pa..


Anonymous said...

Much Love to DJ Sounds Supreme he was the first DJ the holla at me... he was the first DJ to Notice ChumpSin Pink and Throw it up on a Mixtape... that's my dude... Y'all should download all his mixtape cause he's a Monster.

Hype Killz